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Trying to buy real estate is often a complex process that can be difficult and frustrating for those who don’t have an experienced real estate agent in their corner. It requires a lot of research and seeking out property or homes that meet your specifications, all while making sure they have all the necessary requirements that aren’t always apparent, such as a leaky roof, lead paint, or maybe they don’t have a solid foundation. Just as frustrating, negotiating is often a numbing and emotional experience that leaves many people too exhausted to want to buy anything.

Thankfully, the Jill Armstrong Team can help you through the buying experience by working with you to identify the best possible property or home for your needs. For example, we will sit down with you and create a list of the essential elements for the real estate that you want. We’ll assess its location, access to utilities, nearby amenities like schools or hospitals, and the number of specific rooms – such as bathrooms, bedrooms, or office spaces – that you require.

We will then work with the seller to negotiate a price that works for both of you. The goal is to find an amount that helps the seller make money, but also doesn’t go over your budget. With our skilled experts working with your best interests at heart, you will get the best buying price possible for your real estate.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at the Jill Armstrong Team today to learn more about the buying process. We will help you through each step to ensure that you are fully supported and educated about the home or property you are buying.


The challenge of selling property is often exacerbating if you try to do it alone. For example, a piece of property might sit on the market for years because you, understandably, want to make money on a sale. However, when the market is down, people just don’t buy property at prices that you may be expecting.

Even worse, you might miss problems with the property that drive down its value. Termite infestations, foundation troubles, old plumbing, inefficient heating systems, and more can make your property less attractive to buyers and complicate the selling process more than necessary. These problems are worsened if you try to sell property on your own without professional help.

Just as importantly, we will find a price that suits your property and your needs. We’ll help you find an amount that isn’t too high or too low but is just right for the current market. Choosing a price is a complicated process and one that relies on an intuitive and comprehensive grasp of the market and the value of a piece of property.

So please don’t hesitate to contact us today if you are interested in selling your property in Iowa City or the surrounding areas. Our experts will work with your needs to ensure that you not only sell your property but also are satisfied with the end result.

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